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Our alliances and initiatives help us connect across communities and bringing diverse perspectives to the table. We are committed to providing a challenging and inspiring experience to personally develop and engage people.

The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.

Ask About Madhepura - सब कुछ मिलेगा यहाँ

It is an initiative towards Digital India through Digital Village.

AskAboutMadhepura.com is Madhepura's 1st Local Search Engine that Provides Every Shop, Hospital, School-College & All Information About Madhepura.

This Search Engine Helps To Grow Our Madhepura And It Also Enhances Their Businesses. On Ask About Madhepura portal anyone can search and contact anyone in Madhupura.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization by Tech Samadhan
Har Ghar Sewa - Home Repair & Service Experts

Har Ghar Sewa

"Har Ghar Sewa" Provides "Complete Repair & Service Experts".

For all kinds of Renovation, Installation, Repair & Maintenance services for Offices, Homes, Hospitals, Schools, etc. Hire our Skilled and Experienced staff who always have a feeling to serve their customers at best i.e what we called 【SEWA】.

Har Ghar Sewa workig with the Dream of Employment to #Skilled India with a view of "SKILL INDIA". Currently there service area is Delhi only.


Programming Club

Programming Club helps little growing minds to change the world around them with their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics(STEAM).

It aims at identifying and developing innovative skills with assured guidance and proper mentoring to make them future innovators, technology players and entrepreneurs.


Programming Club - Code Potential into Reality
SEO - Search Engine Optimization by Tech Samadhan

Kerala Flood Relief Campaign

When the wrath of nature falls on lesser mortals, only the invisible divine hands could save the hapless sufferers but the almighty do depute some agents on its own, to save and here We (Tech Samadhan Team) took part with Seema Jagran Manch in Association with Govt. Officials & Security Forces, Google, Various NGOs & Volunteers. Where we set up a control room at Delhi to save & provide all needed help to the rescue team & affected people.

Swadeshi Startup

Swadeshi Startup's primary goal is to move from Employment to Self-Employment.

It's a place where one can get all kind of information, suggestion and help related to their Startups. Here they can interact and consult with Professors, Industrialists, Doctors, Investors, Govt. Officials, Agri-Experts, IT-Experts etc.

Swadeshi Startup - Employment to Self-Employment

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